Military Ammunition/Airforce Fuel Storage/Navy Destroyer

Ammunition and explosives are the absolute necessities for the military unit’s activities to be carried out in case of emergency. Various ammunition and explosives that are managed and handled on a large scale within the military unit are carefully managed within a certain area or building. Ammunition and various explosives must be handled and stored with great care, and must be stored in a fire-free condition.
In addition, an oil storage facility that stores various types of oil to carry out the activities of the military unit is also managed and operated. oil, gas, and petroleum are themselves secondary causes of fire and explosion, and are designated and operated as explosion-proof areas during management. In particular, it is a place where explosion-proof video equipment is required as it is applicable to both explosion-proof zone 1 and zone 2.

Indusvision's PTZ, Fixed, and Compact explosion-proof cameras are all explosion-proof products that can be installed and operated in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas, and are supplied to the relevant area and place, and are supplied to the relevant area and place, and are provided for places requiring special safety of military units through 24-hour monitoring. Meets the requirements.